RealHealth Programme

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RealHealth Programme

Healthspan Made Better

Regenosis’ proprietary programme where you can understand your current health, genetics and obtain a tailored lifestyle plan according to your DNA to improve your biological age. 

RealHealth Programme

We are sponsoring

No More Guesswork

Bid Uncertainty Goodbye. Welcome to our proprietary Health Programme backed by science.

Extensive blood work, real-time glucose monitoring and comprehensive DNA testing tells you what’s going on in your body, now and in future.

Specialists On-hand to Help Achieve Your Goals

Let our Geroscience experts and Dietitians guide the way to a younger, healthier you.

One-on-one consultations with Geroscience specialist and nutritionists to help realise your health goals.

RealHealth is focused on precise adjustments on lifestyle, nutrition and exercise based on your DNA.  These are scientifically proven to optimise your state of health and strengthen your natural capacity to heal, thus improving your biological age.

Supplements Tailored To Your DNA + Bloodwork

The one supplement to address all your vitamin needs. Give your health what it needs precisely down to the gram.

Personalised all-inclusive powdered supplements curated based on your DNA results. No pills.

Sponsored RealHealth Programme

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  • Optimises one’s healthspan, lifespan and reverses your biological age.

  • Know your current in-depth state of health based on comprehensive blood and genetics test

  • Learn how different food affects you personally based on precise measurements

  • Personalized pill-free supplement tailored down to your DNA

  • Our team of Geroscience specialists and Dietitians will strategize a series of precise adjustments on lifestyle, nutrition and exercise based on your DNA.
  • RealHealth is scientifically proven to optimise your state of health and strengthen your natural capacity to heal, thus improving your biological age.



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    “It is important to first understand our body’s composition and seek personalised solutions instead of one-size-fits-all treatments.”

    Dr Teo Cheng Peng,
    Co-founder of Regenosis

    How RealHealth Works

    1. First Consultation & Specialized Tests

    Come down for your first consultation and our friendly staff will take you through specialized tests to understand your DNA, biological age and health better.

    2. Meet Our Geroscientists and Dieticians

    Our Geroscientists and Dieticians will assess your health and monitor your daily dietary lifestyle to see what is best suited for your body.

    3. Gain Specialists' advice based on your DNA

    Get personalized advice on your lifestyle, including fitness, skincare regime and mental health from our Specialists monthly. 

    Also, receive a customized Meal plan just for you, based on your DNA. (Don’t worry, this does not mean cutting off all foods that you love)

    4. Personalized Supplements Down To The Details

    One supplement to replace them all.

    RealHealth’s Supplements go down to the finest details of your DNA to formulate a All-in-one supplement for you

    5. Track and Measure Your Results

    We will be monitoring every stage of your journey. At the end of 6 months, we will be measuring your health and biological age again, for assessible results.

    On average, our RealHealth client see a biological age reversal of 7 years.

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    From Our Clients

    Our RealHealth programme has helped numerous clients to better understand their own health, genetic and DNA profile, and achieve their health goals from:

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    common questions

    The RealHealth Programme is a 6 month-long programme, with weekly consultations.

    Each consultation takes around 45 mins – 1.5 hours.

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