Transcend the age barrier

Research opens the gateway to staying young.

Ageing has been classified as a disease by the World Health Organization. It is not natural. Yet with each passing year, we become more susceptible to chronic illnesses like heart disease and diabetes. Geroscience aims to delay the onset of these age-related issues by reversing the ageing process to extend life.

It is a comprehensive study of humans at the genetic, molecular, and cellular level, and how ageing is the precursor to many diseases. It challenges the norm of how we view vulnerability, and allows us to turn back our biological clock to remain young.

Severity of Aging

You can slow down the inevitable. All you need is a change in lifestyle

According to the World Health Organization, the number of people over 60 years old will nearly double from 12 per cent to 22 per cent across the world by 2050. But many developed countries suffer from low birth rates. In Singapore, the old-age support ratio – the number of citizens in the working age band of 20 to 64 needed to support one older citizen – has fallen from 13.5 in 1970 to 4.3 in 2020.

With geroscience as the foundation, we tackle this with our bespoke programme RealHealth, designed to maintain your physical and mental acuities at their optimum. Through in-depth tests and diagnosis, it uncovers the illnesses that you are predisposed to, giving you time to build and repair your body to remain young. This could be your first step to removing those pouches and wrinkles, and keeping you mentally sharp. The younger you begin, the more effective it will be.


The 2-Step Process


Too often, a dull ache is ignored until it gets intense or prolonged. Exercise is usually not seen as essential until a health scare. Instead of waiting for things to happen, take steps to find out if your body is suffering in silence. Here’s how:

  • Blood test – Not only can it detect diseases, but it can also assess the level of nutrients in your body. This would tell you how well your organs are functioning.
  • Medical imaging – Comprehensive diagnostic screening provides in-depth information about the structures and activities inside your body. It uncovers issues that are invisible to the naked eye, and which haven’t yet manifested any symptoms.
  • Genomics – Our DNA differ from each other, and a genetic test can reveal conditions that we are predisposed to. With this information, we can then make lifestyle changes or even medical choices to prevent or delay the onset of disease.
  • Wearable tech – These days, a watch can monitor your oxygen levels, heart rate and more, alerting us if there are signs of distress. This will help you address any health problems early.

Both our genes and lifestyles determine our healthspan. It is vital that they complement each other. With a whole range of diets and workouts easily accessible online these days, it can be overwhelming when trying to decide which would work best.

But with expert guidance, this process is relatively fuss free. Our team of experts will develop a tailored nutrition and exercise programme that will maximise your health. With us, you can reinvent your life.


Personalised Care


Comprehensive care created just for you

RealHealth emphasises living a quality life, where you feel 40 even at 80. We offer you an intervention of a lifetime, that achieves this by expanding your healthspan. Our comprehensive genetic and blood tests will uncover the correct balance needed within your body to maintain or improve your health. With this information, we will concoct a personalised health plan that will restore your youth, and give you the tools to maintain it. We will reverse ageing, and with that eliminate the root of your age-related problems. We cannot turn back the chronological clock, but we can certainly do that for our biological one.

What to expect?

Your comfort and safety is of utmost priority. The Regenosis experience will start with a DNA analysis from your saliva sample, and with cutting-edge technology, we can map out your healthscape to find the best way to rejuvenate your body.

  • We find out if you are ageing faster than your peers or prone to chronic illness.
  • We see how calories and nutrients affect your metabolism.
  • By having a detailed look at your state of health, we will improve your healthspan to overcome aging.
Clients can pick between two options:

1. RealHealth, where we test up to 1,000 genes in a fuss-free way. Get your results quickly and start your health journey by knowing your body better.

2. RealHealth+/RealHealth Pro, we test up to 5,000 genes and offer more consultations for you to take charge of your health. We will be walking this journey alongside you, giving our fullest support with every decision. You will be in safe hands.

At Regenosis, we aim to debunk medical myths to bring you science-based health benefits within six months.
RealHealth is for everybody. A new, healthier lifestyle begins with you

Keep Fit

The secret to ageing well starts with getting off the couch. Research has shown that working your muscles can prevent excess weight gain and improve your strength. Your cardiovascular and respiratory systems also toughen up.

Forget listless days – you will have the energy to tackle anything that stands before you. We are here to advise you on how to be safe while you do so.

Fit and Fab / Fitness for You

Comprehensive care created just for you

We respond differently to physical activity based on our DNA. Our tests that cover more than 550 genes will reveal your unique genetic predispositions. Say goodbye to guesswork and work your way to a younger, healthier life

Fit and Fab provides 15 fitness and weight management insights, including your potential for:

  1. Aerobic performance (How well are you able to run a marathon?)
  2. Power (Are you built for speed and strength?
  3. Lean body mass (Are you able to get toned easily?)
  4. Potential for obesity (How well do you fend off excess weight?)
  5. Stress fracture (Do you need to be more careful when exercising?)
  6. Muscle repair impairment (Should you go easy on strenuous exercises?)

Eat Healthy

As the saying goes, your body is a temple. It pays to worship yourself. Many think of diets as a form of sacrifice. But we at Regenosis believe healthy eating should be enjoyable, wholesome and something you can do with your family and friends.

With good nutrition, your immunity strengthens, and you will be able to fend off virulent threats that tamper your systems. By having a well-balanced diet, your risk of heart disease and stroke will fall, while also keeping your mind sharp.

Food for Life

No more fad diets

We process and use vitamins, minerals and other nutrients differently based on our DNA. Through our tests, we scan more than 480 of your genes to discover underlying issues that may be plaguing you, or if they have yet to occur.

Our Food for Life diet plans consist of meals that will shore up your defences and reduce your deficiencies. This is a package custom-made and served on a silver platter for you. By plugging gaps in your body, we can reverse ageing in the most delicious way.

Food for Life provides 31 nutrition and diet insights including your potential for:

  1. Vitamin B1 Deficiency (Are you prone to fatigue and poor appetite?)
  2. Vitamin C Deficiency (Are you protected against cardiovascular diseases and chronic illness?)
  3. Iron Deficiency (Are you susceptible to anemia and palpitations?)
  4. CoQ10 Deficiency (Are you able to protect your cells from free radical damage?)
  5. Gluten Sensitivity (Is it just a fad or a necessity?)
  6. Low Carb Diet Effectiveness (Do you really need to cut out carbs?)

Live Well

It is no secret that avoiding tobacco and alcohol leads to a healthier glow as we grow older. These are activities that raise the risk of heart disease and stroke.

We know that lifestyle changes can be challenging. So, start small. Enjoy the small wins and go bigger over time. Success is within grasp if you take that first step.

Skin First

More than just skin deep

Daily stressors affect our skin. One day you are working late and next thing you know, you are experiencing a breakout. But what if we could prevent that from happening every time you burn the midnight oil?

Genetics is the ultimate pre-emptive treatment for your body. Your DNA makes you unique, so you deserve a unique solution. We formulate our lifestyle solutions according to your genetic needs.

With 60 per cent of your skin’s ageing process dependent on genetic factors, understanding how your DNA makes your skin different is the key to protecting and maintaining it. Our programmes will uncover any signs of stress beneath the surface.

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